Earth's Tongue ™️ ITALIAN OYSTER - Pleurotus Pulmonarius

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ITALIAN OYSTER - Pleurotus Pulmonarius
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Also known as: Pleurotus cornucopiae Pers. var. pulmonarius Fr.

Common names:
JAPANESE : Usu hira take.
SPANISH: Setas Italianas
ENGLISH: Italian Oyster mushroom

This is a great species to have! It is incredible. It is very genetically strong. It is a super fast colonizer that will colonize almost anything. It also fruits easily with minimal effort and all you have to do is maintain a high humidity level and air it out twice daily. Keep it close to a window for best results. Temperatures in the mid 70's works best for this species. Starting from culture is not as hard as one might think. It provides a much faster colonization than spores would. Colonization should be visible within 2-3 days. We've seen similar cultures even smaller in size run houndreds of dollars! Now from E.T.Labs© we bring these awesome cultures for a very affordable price.

Reported Health Benefits: Oyster mushrooms are best known medically for their cardiovascular and cholesterol-controlling benefits. Oyster mushrooms contain mevinolin and related compounds which are potent competitive inhibitors of HMG CoA reductase (3-hydroxy-3-methyl-glutaryl coenzyme A reductuctase), the major rate limiting enzyme in cholesterol biosynthesis. In addition, they have been shown to have activity in the following:

Immune response

anecdotal reports suggest improves liver and kidney function and helps gastrointestinal disorders. Research on mice suggest that it may have anti-tumorial properties (Ying 1987, Weil 1987). 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review