Doing Agar to Grain Transfer

Posted by Earth's Tongue on Sep 7th 2020

Items we are using for this project:1 Flow Bench Hood 2ft x 4ft (can be substituted for Sterile Work Glove-Bag),2 Sterilized Corn Mycobags Bags,1 Malt Extract Agar Petri Dish colonized with Pholiota … read more

15 Years in Business - Earth's Tongue

Posted by Earth's Tongue on Sep 3rd 2020

We are now celebrating our 15 year anniversary and are celebrating by reducing all our spore solutions and prints by half price. Exotics have been reduced in price as well. Also our mushroom cultures … read more

Phellinus everhartii Life After Death

Posted by EARTHS TONGUE on Sep 3rd 2020

Our purpose was to find the mushroom Phellinus everhartii in a wilderness park in San Antonio, Texas. A couple of friends had been there jogging it away when they found some big conks growing on some … read more