Ultra Concentrated Deep Freeze Solution

Posted by EARTHS TONGUE on Sep 2nd 2020

Earth's Tongue has the only freeze and heat resistant spore solution in the world.Tested to withstand subzero storage for 6 years without one bit of loss in viabilityAs well as tested as high as 130 d … read more

Hypsysigus Ulmarius & Blue Oyster Prints

Posted by EARTHS TONGUE on Sep 1st 2020

Oyster prints turned into a work of art.These were left to print too long and then started growing new Mushrooms from itself,As well as started to grow mycelium into the cardboard.You can see the crea … read more

Pholiota Nameko

Posted by EARTHS TONGUE on Aug 31st 2020

Today I found these growing in our compost pile. Pholiota Nameko!From one of our spent wooden substrate blocks. An incredibly good edible.With a natural occurring marmalade (looking) coated orange cap … read more

Elm and Blue Oysters

Posted by EARTHS TONGUE on Aug 30th 2020

Hypsisygus Ulmarius (Elm Oyster) and Pleurotus Columbinus (Blue Oyster)Growing together in a greenhouse with ultrasonic humidification.Look at the bright blue color on these guys!

Shiitake Blocks

Posted by EARTHS TONGUE on Aug 29th 2020

Our Shiitake blocks 5 days after ice water dunk. That was fast!Temperature 70 degrees F. Humidity 90% Wood used: Texas Oak. Yummy.