15 Years in Business - Earth's Tongue

Posted by Earth's Tongue on Sep 3rd 2020

We are now celebrating our 15 year anniversary and are celebrating by reducing all our spore solutions and prints by half price. Exotics have been reduced in price as well. Also our mushroom cultures are half price for the moment and many of ou popular items in the store have also been reduced in price.

Earths Tongue was founded in 1999 when there was only a couple of mushroom spore vendors in the world, and has been in business for 15 years. 7 years ago it was bought by Ben, an experienced mycologist who always thinks outside the box.
Earth's Tongue had some growing pains along the way, but has now become one of the best mycology sites in the world wide web offering original products and services.
As we continue to grow and gain more and more experience as well as getting feedback from customers, we have had to make a few changes:

Our new website which you are now visiting went online on January 22 2014. The new site has a much easier to navigate layout as well as a much easier checkout system.
Everything is now calculated by weight and uses a shipping calculator to give much more precise shipping costs and shipping methods including UPS Ground, UPS Overnight, Priority Mail, Express Mail, and several Flat Rate shipping options to make checkout a fly and saving money on shipping costs.

Other changes we have made that has helped us stay on top of things is a new inventory system that makes it much easier to know if what you are ordering is in stock and ready to go out the door. Basically if you see it for sale is because not only is it already made and precisely counted in our stock, but if you are ordering spores or cultures of any kind they have already been tested for sterility, viability, aggressiveness, genetics, and fruiting properties. If it was not spectacular in any of those, they are not put into inventory. This not only has made our shipments so much faster, but it guarantees our already great product to perform as it should every time.

Another cool change we have made with our shipping is that we now offer climate protective shipping. We understand that some people may have had issues with their spores or cultures during extreme weather conditions in the winter and in summer. So now we offer 72hr heat packs for the winter and insulated packing with cooling in the summer.

Earth's Tongue will continue to grow and has some very exciting new products coming soon. Although we tried to get as many new products out for the re-launch we were limited by time. But our plan is to release a new strain every month from here on out for at least the next 12 months.
We thank all of you that have stuck by our side through thick and thin and in the growth of this amazing company.
This sale is to thank every one for their ongoing support and allowing us to continue to serve you for years to come!