Earth's Tongue ™️ Shiitake Lentinula Edodes Master Grain Seed Spawn Wide Weather Range

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6.00 LBS
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5lbs of Spawn!
The best of all worlds in Mushroom Spawn. Featuring a nutirent enhanced mix of sterilized Small Seed and Large Grain and small amount of Sawdust. All USDA ORGANIC ingredients!

Our Shiitake Spawn is a Wide Weather Range strain that fruits very quickly and recuperates within days after a flush and can give up to 6 or 7 flushes without any contamination. We are working with 3 Wide Weather Range strains right now and you can add in the comments section right now which you would preffer if available (buy not guaranteed at the moment).
"House Dark cap" "House Light Cap" and "House Large Cap"
 Dark Cap and Light Cap Fruit Faster and the only difference is cap color. House Large Cap takes longer to fuit but produces Larger mushrooms. All are Wide Range strains of Shiitake and very beautiful!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review