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NAMEKO - Pholiota Nameko
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Scientific Name: Pholiota Nameko

Temperature Ranges: 55-75°F

Namekos are a very delicious mushroom cultivated mainly in Japan, being the second most cultivated besides Shiitake. We love eating these, it's always a treat. We feel like Namekos are one of the best tasting mushrooms in the world, having the best taste if picked before the caps flatten out. Stir fry in high quality oil for a delectable slightly nutty taste.
They are easy to grow in large quantities by using fresh hardwood as substrate in form of sawdust, woodchips and a mixture of grains.

One of the Namekos' unique appearance properties is that the mushrooms develop an orangish slimy layer on the caps resembling jelly which is often peelable. This slimy coating disappears once cooked, and gives it a very cool distinct appearance.

Of course as with all other edible mushrooms, Namekos also have medicinal properties including immune boosting and cancer fighting properties, with up to 30% cancer fighting success rates with full recoveries worldwide.

   *1 Culture can make at least 40 culture syringes or can be used to expand the culture to make houndreds or thousands of more agar plates or transfered into substrates for immediate growing purposes. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review