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In some parts it’s very difficult to find vermiculite, especially in the winter. Vermiculite is a very good tool for growing mushrooms.
 It can be used as part of your substrate, or as part/ or only ingredient in your casing mixture.

 This brand of vermiculite has been used with great success un-sterilized, with very low to no contamination. Very high quality and clean. Good way to condition your vermiculite for un-sterilized use is to soak it with H2O2(hydrogen peroxide) and add some horticultural lime. Then squeeze the excess water out and lay it on top of your substrate or casing to help retain necessary moisture and to help initiate pinning. Check out our pre-sterilized pH balanced casing soils for better results with casings. A mixture of vermiculite and perlite make the best bottom layer for casings, and for cakes. One gallon of vermiculite goes a long way, but 4 gallons is best for covering bottom layers. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review