Earth's Tongue ™️ Mushroom Bag Clamp

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Product Overview

This bag clamp hermetically seals the opening of a bag and eliminates sealing machine and all its problems, reusable, no hassle simple design, allowing bags to be easily reusable, autoclavable, simple to use, allow easy spawning after autoclaving and cooling. Allows easy verification of internal CO2 content of bag without cutting and resealing, Allowing things you always wanted to do that you could not do when the bags are heat sealed.
If ordering for pillow style bags, you will need to order 2 clamps to cover the entire opening.
These come 16" long from the manufaturer, but we cut them to 8" to make it easier and less awkward to ship and it's a much better size for most of our bags. If you, for some reason need them to be 16", you can contact us, but there will be an additional shipping fee.
We always use 8" clamps in house, as the 16" is way to heavy for most bags to stand up right.

Price increase from manufacturer so our price has increased as well Sep 2022

8" long 
clamping on Home Depot tubing style
SVGE20 (not included)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review