Earth's Tongue ™️ Lions Mane Mushroom Grow Kit

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6.00 LBS
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One of the most flavorful mushrooms as well as being very visually appealing and original looking. A very powerful crisp flavor when eaten raw.
Our Lions Mane kit is Composed of a blend of 19 different local hardwood sawdust and wood chips sterilized and fully colonized.
The Lion's Mane Grow Kit (Hericium erinaceus) produces cascading, icicle-like clusters that enlarge to the size of baseballs. a 65 - 75° F environment is needed. Also known as Bear's Head or Monkey's Head, this mushroom is quickly gaining in popularity. Edible and choice, the mushrooms impart a "lobster" flavor when cooked with butter and onions.

Comes ready to fruit with simple instructions!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review