Earth's Tongue ™️ 4 Sterilized Nutrient Enhanced Seed Mix Bag 0.2 micron filter & Self Healing Injector Site

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My Absolute Favorite Mushroom Substrate!

Better than ANY grain due to its contact power being multiplied exponentially by the small size of the seed mix providing an AMAZING spreading speed and HIGHLY nutritious mix of seed. Easy to break up and very maleable. ONLY thing better is mixing a blend of seed and grain together with same species to provide speed and long term nutrient storage capability of grain.

4 x 1 lb Sterilized Seed Mix Bags with injector site and 0.2 micron filter ready for inoculation. 

*Be careful with 5 micron filter bags (that seem economically priced) as they are extremely prone to contamination and is the most commonly sold online because they are easy to make. A 5 micron filter bag can be sealed prior to sterilization eliminating over 60% of the work and 100% of the sterile procedure work in exchange for a very poor filter that in our experience contaminates extremely frequently since mold spores are between 1-3 microns, so why would you use a 5 micron filter? ...We don't. We've invested everything in our laboratory to be able to provide the best filter bag available in the world which is autoclaved and sealed and packed AFTER sterilization in a Certified ISO 3 (Class 1) Cleanroom using extremely sterile procedures infront of 0.1 micron ULPA HEPA Flow Benches. The extremely small pore size of the bags we use of 0.2 microns explodes in the autoclave if sealed prior to sterilization, and the only way to be able to use it is to autoclave with the bags unsealed and the autoclave must lead to a cleanroom and directly to a sterile air flow bench, to be sealed and bagged. The performance of our bags and long term results speak for themselves.

As of November 2018, all substrate bags come with an integrated Class-5 Chemical Indicator, indicating that the substrate core was subject to correct Time, Temperature, and Steam and giving a "Pass" or "Fail" with EACH BAG! 
A Guarantee of sterility and safety you will only find here at Earth's Tongue.

Our Sterilized SEED MIX has been enriched with a house blend of vitamins and calcium for added nutrition.

All you have to do is inject through the rubber injector site with your favorite spores or culture.

Colonizes EXTREMELY fast!

 Our seed mix CAN be used to fruit directly from it. However is does best if transfered into a bigger substrate. Any of our pre-sterilized casing soils or wood, sawdust, or straw, or compost work well with our seed bags.
The colonized seed can also be transfered into more grain bags to multiply spawn (mycelium) very quickly before then transfering to bulk substrate like our casing soils or it can also be cased using a classic mushroom casing technique or transferred into wood or straw substrate for most edible mushrooms.

  Doing seed to seed or seed to grain transfers saves a lot of time and spores (or culture) due to the fact that mycelium is already strong and multiplying at a very fast rate, so at the point of transfering colonization can be expected within days instead of  weeks. We always recommend an optimal ratio of 1 part mycelium (spawn) to 3 parts bulk substrate (additional grain, casing soil, sawdust or wood, or straw, or compost). This is specially true when transfering to a casing mix.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review