30" x 72" x 6" Aluminum Frame Mini-Pleat HEPA Filter

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Product Overview

30" x 72" x 6" Aluminum Frame Mini-Pleated HEPA Filter with Protective Metallic Grill Both Sides.


HEPA Mini-Pleat

0.3 micron

99.99% Efficiency minimum



Frame: Aluminum

Protection: Metallic Grill Front and Backside


Mini-Pleats offer 3x the HEPA Filter material than HEPA Filters with aluminum separators.

For Biological, Industrial, Mycology, Clean-Room, and Healthcare, or commercial applications.

The additional Height on this filter is perfect for Mycology applications because it gives plenty of room up on top for working with bags and doing transfers where one is to raise a bag (example: grain bag) to do a transfer into another bag that is standing up at 18-22" already.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review