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3.00 LBS

Product Overview


With the version 3.0 of our Liquid culture kit comes the following upgrades:

  • Dual 0.2 micron filters built and sealed into the lid!
  • Highly breathable.
  • 500ml of premium laboratory quality liquid media.
  •  (NO Karo or honey used here).
  • Adjusted Ph.
  • Trusted and tested sealing system.
  • Lid and jar are endlessly re-usable.
  • Built in sterilized ball to help break up liquid culture inside jar.
  • Can be shipped and vigorously shaken without leakage.

We have developed a custom Liquid Culture Kit that is EXTREMELY BREATHABLE, it is LEAK PROOF and therefore SHAKABLE, and its CONTAMINANT PROOF.

  This is the first time this has been possible. Due to our custom made top which has 2 built in very special filters which are highly breathable, leak proof, and water proof, and therefore STAYS DRY and lets no water out with a proven sealing system to only allow filtered oxygen inside the jar! 

  Has a built in self healing injection port where you can inject your spore solution or your culture syringe and make 500ml more! The injection port can be used indefinitely and will always stay sealed. Recommended to use at least 5ccs of original spore / culture solution into the jar. Keep at room temperature and shake every 5 days. Once culture is established, then you should keep it in the refrigerator and use as necessary.

Turns 5ccs into 500ccs in only 4 weeks!

Other similar kits sold by other companies, do not have a filter, so the culture will always be starving for air.

Our kit BREATHES and therefore is better for healthy cultures that grow very rapidly.

What a liquid culture is: It is liquid mycelium created by the germination of spores (or multiplication of mycelium from a culture syringe) into nutritious media. So the liquid would turn into an underwater mycelium mass which is in turn used to inoculate substrates, jars, agar, etc. Therefore for example, if you buy a spore syringe which has 20ccs of spore solution inside of it, you could turn around and multiply that into 25 syringes in about 4 weeks at room temperature.

****This item may take anywhere from 12-30 days to ship! We always try to get it to you as fast as possible, but everything is meticulously hand made and scrutinized for perfection.
Definitely worth the wait! You may check the progress at any time by emailing us.****


(No reviews yet) Write a Review