Earth's Tongue ™️ PrePoured Malt Extract Agar Petri Dishes 10 PK

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1.50 LBS
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Malt Extract Agar
Pre-poured Petri Dishes PK/10 Plates

Malt Extract Agar Prepoured Dishes, sleeve of 10. Malt Extract Agar is an excellent culture medium used for cultivating molds and yeast, as well as mushroom cultures. Malt Extract Agar is great for science fair projects, home school experiments, school biology projects, mushroom cultivation, and general research.

Pre-poured agar is perishable and must be refrigerated.
It is best used within 4 weeks of receipt.

Please refrigerate your agar immediately upon delivery.

Earth's Tongue makes these in house and we individually wrap and seal each dish with parafilm and we ship them in a completely heat sealed bag.

We also include enough wrap seal to re-seal your dishes after you have inoculated them. We don't know of anybody else selling dishes who does that.
We include them for free! 

****This item may take anywhere from 12-30 days to ship! We always try to get it to you as fast as possible, but everything is meticulously hand made and scrutinized for perfection.
Definitely worth the wait! You may check the progress at any time by emailing us.****


(No reviews yet) Write a Review