Earth's Tongue ™️ Autoclavable Silicone Gasket for Regular Mouth Jars 2

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Product Overview

  • BPA-free Food Grade Clear Reusable Silicone Seals
  • 1.5mm thick, stays secure in place, will not shift, provides airtight leak-proof fit
  • Easy removal for easy clean
  • For use with Ball brand platic caps or any of our special filter lids

Without some form of gasket, the mason jar white plastic lids are not airtight. Mason Jar Silicone Seals fit snug into mason jar white plastic lids. These silicone selas as compared to the red rubber seals we sell are of much higher quality and much thicker material. These can be endlessly reusable as oposed to the red rubber seals which can wear and tear with each use. The red rubber seals also tend to become displaced while tightening the lid, and one has to be careful and double check that the seal is in place correctly. These clear silicone seal have a very snug fit with all the plastic lids and is an excellent choice at a slightly higher price.

These seals are made wide enough that they will seat against the roof of the cap completely underneath the grooves of the cap.  They will not fall out while putting the lid on the jar if the seal is seated properly.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review