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Ultrasonic humidifier with a variable mist control. You don’t see much of those. This Vicks/RELI ON/Safety1st brand humidifier has whisper quiet operation, with up to 20 continuos hours of operation. If you’re going to hook up plastic tubing to the outlet and lead it to a chamber or terrarium, the continuous hours of operation will be multiplied to several days of continuos operation. This kind of ultrasonic humidifier, produces super fine mist that resembles the kind of mist that nature produces naturally as fog. Mushrooms like this kind of moisture and it works excellent in fruiting cakes. A cool feature that this model has, is the variable mist control, which helps you control how much visible fog, the humidifier produces. Keep on low through out the night or when you will be away for a while.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review