Our sterilized, double bagged and sealed casing soils are designed for cultivators who want bigger and "badder" mushrooms. These soils can be used for casing your mushrooms into "beds," which will grant you access to larger and usually a lot more fruits than with the Cake Method. You can also use these for spawning your colonized substrates inside the bag. 

PH tested and balanced at 7.0, the perfect pH for mushrooms. This gives you a better chance to succeed as it lowers contamination ratios greatly and supplies optimal conditions for mycelium growth. This has been proven to help speed up colonization of substrates and also initiation of pinning. Colonization can be seen within 1 day of adding mycelium and makes it almost impossible to contaminate.

All our casing soil mixtures are sealed in a special double bagged micron filter bag with dual filters to ensure sterility and rigidity to help prevent tears and micro punctures. These mixtures have been perfected over the last 12 years and you will absolutely love them! 
Already mixed and sterilized, we use 3 different mixes for nutritious casing soils. Pressure sterilized to perfection, and ready for use. 

Super fluffy and fine. Our casing mixtures undergo a painstaking manual filtering and screening process that leaves only a cloud-like soft soil that is very mushroom friendly as well as plant friendly. Proper moisture is added so that it is ready to be used instantaneously upon receipt with no need of further irrigation, misting, or damping. We gurantee you will love our casing/spawning/potting mixtures!

Guaranteed delivered sterile.

All mixtures are 100% PURE ORGANIC.

NO chemicals, pesticides, or fungicides (obviously) added. 

Comes with DUAL 0.1 micron filters.

 These compost mixtures are designed to be used as for easy to use casing soils or spawning mixtures(or highest quality potting soils). Simply cover the bottom of a sterilized container with the casing soil about 1" inch. Then crumble your colonized substrate (gently) on top of the soil in a smooth even layer and sprinkle the sterilized casing soil on top of your colonized substrate, about 1/4 inch thick. Cover with foil and put in a dark place. Allow this casing soil to be overtaken by mycelium at least 3/4 of the way. If there is a small patch that is growing faster then the rest, it should be covered by another thin layer of casing soil to allow for an even colonization and even pin set. Mist with spring water if necessary to prevent from drying out. 

Fruiting will bring mushrooms that are thicker, taller, and a lot more in number than cakes will allow you. 
Once in fruiting chamber, use about 85% humidity and as much fresh air as possible. Light is also important, a regular day and night schedule is good.

Comes with enough sterilized casing soil for several medium sized beds or 1 large one (about 4ft by 2ft). 

 The ones with filters on them are designed for "SPAWNING," which means: creating a bulk substrate, or even cloning a choice strain. 
The way to do this is by cutting the spawn bag at the very top. Then dropping already colonized substrates into the bag, and mix well. Be as clean about it as possible. This will allow for the mixture in the bag to be overcome by mycelium.

For example, you can use completely colonized JARS, and dump chunks of the substrate into the spawn bag in a semi-sterile environment (see the "stove top method" we mentioned in our INFO page), then close the bag as tight as possible again, or re-seal it. 

 The substrate will then start colonizing over the bulk mixture in the Spawn bag. Once completely colonized, it can be used as a bulk substrate which will yield a lot of fruits. Kind of like having a humongous colonized cake. You can then case this as well with casing soil, by breaking it up or using it whole and sprinkling casing soil on top.