Earth's Tongue ™️ Bureciorul emisferic (Protostropharia semiglobata)

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Protostropharia semiglobata, is an edible, non-toxic, non psychoactive mushroom commonly known as the dung roundhead, the halfglobe mushroom, or the hemispheric stropharia, is an agaric fungus of the family Strophariaceae. A common and widespread species with a cosmopolitan distribution, the fungus produces mushrooms on the dung of various wild and domesticated herbivores. The mushrooms have hemispherical straw yellow to buff-tan caps measuring 1–4 cm, greyish gills that become dark brown in age, and a slender, smooth stem 3–12 cm long with a fragile ring. Available in a culture or spore solution.

 These could be planted in your yard if colonized on grain and then dung. They can then be eaten for a meal. They grow incredibly fast and produce for a long time several years sometimes if watered often and taken care of.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review